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My newest music video premiered on MTV’s Buzzworthy today! Go check out “Rise+Fall” by Awaken the Empire

Shot on location in downtown Los Angeles, CA, February 24, 2012.

Director/Editor: Chad Michael Ward
Producer/Still Photography: Mary Taylor
Executive Producer: Lamarr Algee
Director of Photography:: Johnny Ching

1st AD/Hair: Jade Adair

Gaffer: Christopher Williams
AC: Mark Parsons
Grips: Angel Villarreal, Pablo Romeo, George Saldana

Camera Operators: Johnny Ching, Chad Michael Ward, Mary Taylor, Mark Parsons

Production Designer/Co-Producer: Geoff Flint
Art Director: Matt Corder
Art PA: Henry Fayson, Jr.

Makeup: Austyn Cuccia
Catering: Amanda Grace
Production Assistant: Jo Darko

Location: Parlor Properties

Thank you to: Romina Fronti, Joel Unangst, Lamarr Algee

Awaken the Empire Promo 2012
Spontaneous surprise visits + impromptu photo shoots…
About this time last month.  Stefanya and her lovely lemonade…
Damien Lawson.  Awaken the Empire.  March 2012.

Captain Rex. 

Damien Lawson - Awaken the Empire band promo shoot 2012.
Fox hunt, anyone???
The lives we live.  This is just another afternoon in mine…
 New photos for 2012 on the way.  Model: Stefanya.
Be on the lookout for my new Awaken the Empire promo photos for 2012.  Alternative Press featured this photo a few days ago with premiere of the band’s newest single, “Cross My Heart.”  Go check out the song on AP’s website…