I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since we did Combichrist’s controversial “Throat Full of Glass” music video.  So much fun to shoot, but cleaning up all those feathers was such a pain in the ass!  This video also marked Mary Taylor’s debut as a producer.


Underhaus Productions 2013 Show Reel.

Underhaus Productions is a Los Angeles-based boutique production house formed in 2010 that specializes in music video production and promotional photography by critically-acclaimed director/photographer Chad Michael Ward and his partner, producer/photographer Mary Taylor.

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Nicholas Matthews from Get Scared’s 2013 promo shoot.

Reminiscing of desert days with Katie West.

Little Red Fox…
Britt Warner overlooking the valley…
Adam Virostko from Get Scared’s 2013 promo shoot.
The very lovely & talented songstress Britt Warner.


Photos by: Mary Taylor

Kota and her hypnotic eyes…

Happy Halloween!  Gettin’ porked with Piggy D. 

Sara Cummings wearing bunny mask made by Tom Banwell.
Sara Cummings wearing bunny mask by Tom Banwell.

Get Scared by Mary Taylor for UnderHaus Productions.

Klaryssa Korolenkov of Chamber Of Echoes
Photo by Mary Taylor/ UnderHaüs Productions
Makeup: Ashley Joy Beck
Hair: Destiny Lind
Costume: Eirik Aswang